Introducing the “Virtual Scaffolder”

D83 Design’s years of experience producing images for some of the largest scaffolding companies in the UK has helped to win large contracts based on our 3D designs alone. We take your design concepts and turn them into photo realistic marketing tools.

We are your Virtual Scaffolders.

Set your company aside from the rest and turn up to your next tender meeting with not just an idea of how your job will work, show your client exactly how the job will look.

With an emphasis on visual appeal and marketing we specialise in taking 2D construction drawings and interpreting them into detailed 3D visuals which are ideal when pitching to clients who may have little or no knowledge of scaffolding components or construction techniques. With the economic climate still trying to recover from the recession, competition amongst scaffold companies to secure large profitable contracts is as fierce as ever and everybody is looking for an edge when pitching to a potential customer.

3D drawings can provide the missing piece needed to win over a client as it shows you have gone that extra mile and you can visually show the customer that you have understood their problem and how you are going to solve it. Over the last few years the demand for 3D designs within the scaffolding industry has increased and this is reflected in our growing list of clients which include Tone, Brogan Group, Tiger Scaffolding and PHD Access who have successfully used our images to win lucrative contracts.

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